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Quantum StorNext – Product Brief

Last updated December 5th, 2019 for end of year updates. Concise and unbiased 6-page overview of the features and functionality of Quantum StorNext. Download the full Product Brief now!

Quantum StorNext is a high performance parallel file system that includes multiple elements for controlling movement of files between tiers of storage and to archive devices. StorNext is more than an archiving solution but archive is a prime use case.

The StorNext software is complemented by a variety of Quantum storage systems and appliances, including Xcellis storage arrays, Lattis object storage, and StorNext AEL tape libraries.

Xcellis arrays integrate Media Data Controllers (MDCs) with primary storage, but the MDC software can be installed on separate servers. The MDC’s provide both access control for files and the index to where they are stored. The StorNext File System (SNFS) installed on servers communicates with the MDCs.

The MDCs control movement of data between tiers and archiving to other storage systems based on policy settings from StorNext Storage Manager (SNSM). Replication of up to four copies of data is also done by the Storage Manager. Cloud support is called FlexTier.

Quantum StorNext – Product Brief includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Usage
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

Download the full Product Brief now!

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