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Quantum DXi Series – Product Brief

Last updated August 7th, 2018 for minor corrections. 7-page concise overview of the Quantum DXi Series.

Quantum DXi Series Product Brief

Quantum’s DXi product line encompasses five different products, each   with   multiple   configurations.      The   DXi   deduplication products are used as a target for backup, compliance, archiving and  to  help  meet  disaster  recovery  and  business  continuity requirements.  Typically these systems are used as an alternative to tape drives and  libraries, although Quantum enables direct output to tape libraries for environments where both disk-to-disk and tape retention are desired.

The high end and midrange DXi 8500, 6800 and 6900 products offer both VTL and NAS interfaces, while the entry-level DXi 4700 and DXi V series offer a NAS only interface.  The DXi V1000 is the smallest entry-level configuration, which is offered as a virtual appliance.   Beginning with version 2.0 of the DXi software, all deduplication is performed in-line during the transfer from the host to the internal disk storage.

StoreNext    5    integration    into    DXi    brings    additional    file management features including the ability to scale to five billion file.  Solid state is used for metadata caching.

Offered with the Arkivio AutoStor file migration software expands the usage of the DXi system as an archive target in addition to backup.  Any archiving software may be used to transfer files over the NAS protocol.

This Quantum DXi Series Product Brief includes:

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