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Pay-as-you-Grow Data Protection

Published February 22nd, 2013. Download the full report now!

IBM Tivoli’s Full-featured Data Protection Suite for Small to Medium Businesses.

We have been reporting throughout the last year that stored data volumes are growing at an accelerated rate that is driven by new data sources and applications. However, just because the small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) do not have data infrastructure needs on the same scale as the larger enterprises, that fact alone does not mean they aren’t challenged with the same data growth issues. Indeed, the fact that the SMB IT environment is often managed by one or two people makes addressing accelerated data growth even more challenging.

Just as in the larger enterprises, SMB IT administrators are seeing data volumes growing at an increasing rate. The rate of growth will likely “break” existing backup and recovery processes. However, it is well known that they have neither the time nor the financial and staff resources to address the need to put themselves on a path to data protection sustainability in the same way that the larger enterprises would. As a result, there is a clearly identifiable need for SMB IT administrators to refocus their approach toward a scalable data protection and recovery solution that integrates a number of critical components and that can be paid for easily.

Here we discuss the data protection requirements for the SMB IT administrator and will use IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery (TSM SUR) as an example of a solution that includes the advanced functionality of solutions designed for the enterprise data center, but is offered in a way that is easily implemented and consumed by the SMB.

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