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Oracle FS1-2 – Product Analysis

This document is retired and no longer updated. Published March 23rd, 2015. Comprehensive 12-page analysis of solid state product Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System. Covers architecture, performance, advanced features w/ commentary. Download the full Product Analysis now!

This Product is no longer actively sold by Oracle.

The Oracle FS1-­2 Flash Storage System is the next generation model of the earlier Oracle FS1 controllers.  Oracle calls this their sixth generation of flash storage. The Oracle FS1-­2 Flash Storage System is a scale-­out unified solid‐state system supporting both SAN and NAS storage and is co-­engineered with Oracle software.  The software has a Quality of Server Plus (QoS Plus) feature that allows the storage system to distribute data across flash and disk storage for increased performance, efficiency and cost, based on usage profiles and priorities. The Oracle FS1-­2 Flash Storage System is designed purposely to be application-­engineered storage with pre-­developed provisioning profiles for Oracle Database, Oracle Applications, and other enterprise applications, such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.

Advanced features of synchronous and asynchronous replication, Oracle Database compression, and Hybrid Columnar compression are included in the base system. The FS1-­2 Flash Storage System is a high availability system with dual active/active controllers per node and a scale-­out architecture with redundancy of elements and RAID protection across the data. Configuration choices are capacity optimized or performance optimized controllers based work storage profiles and workload needs.

Competitive storage solutions include the EMC XtremIO, HP 3PAR 7450, PureStorage FlashArray, Kaminario K2, IBM FlashSystem, and Hitachi HUSVM with FMDs.  Additional information on these products is available in the Evaluator Series Research (ESR) database to authorized subscribers.

Oracle FS1-2 Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Product architecture
  • Reliability, availability, serviceability features
  • Connectivity options
  • Advanced features and functions
  • Evaluator Group comments

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