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Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform – Product Brief

Last updated August 28th, 2019 for updates to EvaluScale table. Concise 6-page review of hyperconverged product Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Covers usage, potential, system specs, and commentary.

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) software available on Nutanix hardware or available for implementation by OEMs in their products, including Dell EMC , Lenovo and IBM, plus HPE and Cisco through the channel. Nutanix has moved to a “software-only” sales model, emphasizing the flexibility that this affords their customers. However, the company still sells a significant number of hardware appliances as well, due to the inertia they have built up in the market.

This product brief will include details of the original Nutanix appliance and Nutanix’s Acropolis operating environment. For more information on these OEMs’ products, see Product Briefs on Dell EMC XC Series, Lenovo HX Series and IBM Hyperconverged Systems.

Nutanix hardware (NX series appliance) is available in nine different models and over 20 configurations in hybrid and all- flash. Each 2U server appliance provides up to 80TB of hard disk capacity and 92TB of flash capacity per appliance. Nutanix also offers software

Like most other hyperconverged systems, Nutanix appliances are clustered in a scale-out topology, with the Nutanix software running as a VM. Nutanix clusters are typically 3 nodes or more, (no specified maximum) but does support 2-node clusters with a witness VM and a single-node cluster with certain models.

Each NX series appliance contains 1, 2 or 4 server nodes and a new 4-node SX-1065 “Xpress” model has been configured for smaller environments with a lower price point. Storage from each node is pooled in a distributed file system architecture and exposed to the hypervisor through traditional interfaces. Nutanix allows different models to be combined in the same cluster, even hybrid and all-flash nodes.

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform Product Brief includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • Eval(u)Scale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion


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