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Nutanix Ransomware Resiliency – Industry Snapshot

Published July 6th, 2022. In this free Industry Snapshot report, Sr. Analyst Krista Macomber discusses Nutanix's recent releases that address Ransomware resiliency. Read the full report now!

Customer Challenges – Ransomware Resiliency

It is no secret that ransomware has become a rampant threat. Arguably the most pressing task for IT Operations teams today is maximizing their organization’s ransomware resiliency. This means assuming that the organization will be attacked and introducing defenses to inhibit those attacks from permeating the IT environment. It means protecting against zero-day attacks while introducing means to uncover and respond to attacks more quickly. It also means finding ways to recover not only as quickly as possible, but in a surgical fashion such that only impacted files and data are rolled back, allowing good changes that occurred post-attack to be retained.

Architecting for ransomware resiliency is far easier said than done for IT Operations. Today’s IT environments are distributed and sprawling across core and edge data centers, on-premises and off-premises cloud environments, SaaS and traditional applications, and physical, virtual, and containerized resources. Identifying weaknesses across such an environment is very difficult. Ransomware attackers are highly innovative. They find ways to surpass traditional security tools such as anti-virus software and firewalls, and predicting their next move is practically impossible.

Hyperconverged infrastructure vendor Nutanix has introduced capabilities to help its customers take a multi-layered approach to addressing these issues and improving their resiliency against not only ransomware, but other cyber-attacks and insider threats.

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