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Nutanix .NEXT 2018 – Industry Snapshot

Published May 15th, 2018. In this Industry Snapshot report, we discuss the recent announcements and takeaways from Nutanix .NEXT 2018. Includes overview and comments.

One of the themes of Nutanix .NEXT 2018 in New Orleans, was “invisible” – Invisible Infrastructure, Invisible Data Center, Invisible Clouds. Nutanix wants to be the (invisible) hybrid cloud operating system for the enterprise, running workloads on-premises, in the public cloud or in their own cloud. As one executive phrased it, they want to offer an “AWS-like experience” inside the data center. And, with products like Calm, Flow and Beam (see below), the company hopes to provide a “1-click” hybrid cloud platform, enabling workloads to be moved from on- premises infrastructure into the public cloud and between clouds, while maintaining cost control and compliance.

Nutanix continues its growth trajectory, pushing towards $1B in sales by the end of 2018 and a projected $3B by 2021. This growth is driven by repeat purchases. In fact, current global 2000 customers are expanding their Nutanix infrastructure spend every year, to almost 15x by year 6.

Nutanix AHV continues to grow its installed base since the 2015 GA, as the company claims that one-third of customers use this hypervisor. There were plenty of customers on hand to share their enthusiasm to reduce the cost of hypervisor licensing.

Last year, Nutanix announced that it was transitioning to a software-only company and would stop counting revenue from hardware sales of its original HCI appliances, the NX line built by Supermicro. This theme was re-emphasized, although the statement was made that customers could still buy the NX nodes for now. Nutanix will continue to support existing NX nodes as well.

The company continues to release (and announce) new features and functionality for its Enterprise Cloud Platform faster than any other company in the HCI space. While not all of the following features were first announced at .NEXT 2018 they are essentially new this year.

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