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NetApp EF550 Flash Array – Product Analysis

Last updated September 26th, 2014 with minor corrections. 11-page deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of NetApp EF550 Flash Array

The NetApp EF550 Storage System is an all solid state system using SSDs (solid state devices) with the same controllers and embedded software as the NetApp E5500 and is an update from the earlier EF540. The same features of the E5400 and the controller reliability from the stability and maturity are available with the all-SSD model designated EF550. The EF550 is available directly from NetApp or through its channel partners

Competitive multi-platform distributed storage hardware systems include alternatives such as EMC VNX F7000, IBM Storwize V7000 populated with all SSDs, and Hewlett Packard (HP) 3PAR StoreServ 7450.

Document includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Product Architecture
  • Model Summary
  • Management Software
  • Advanced Features
  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability features
  • Evaluator Group Comments
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