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NetApp EF-Series – Product Analysis

Last updated November 5th, 2020 to include latest model offerings. Comprehensive 12-page analysis covering architecture, functionality, and performance of the NetApp EF-Series. Download the product analysis now!

The NetApp EF-Series Flash Arrays are all solid-state systems which use SSDs (solid-state devices) with the controllers and embedded software based off of the NetApp E-Series hybrid systems. The EF-Series consists of the EF600, the EF570, the EF300, and the EF280. The same features of the E-Series models, along with the controller reliability, stability, and maturity are available with the all-SSD EF-Series models. The EF-Series is offered directly from NetApp or through its channel partners.

Competitive multi-platform distributed storage hardware systems include alternatives such as Dell EMC Unity XT all flash systems, IBM Storwize V7000F, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 3PAR StoreServ 9450.

NetApp has continued to provide high performance in their midrange systems with additions and upgrades to the product line. The EF-Series are all solid-state systems, built on existing controllers and embedded software designs, which support advanced features that have evolved over time to provide high-value capabilities to customers. The EF-Series meets customer needs for high performance, low-latency storage in accelerating applications such as databases, data acquisition, and data analysis. The high performance and advanced features allow the EF-Series to meet the demands of primary storage without compromising capabilities. As a high performance system, the EF-Series supports Fibre Channel, SAS, iSCSI and InfiniBand connectivity. NVMeOF host protocol is supported for the EF600, EF570, and EF300 over the InfiniBand and RoCE. The EF600 also supports NVMe over Fibre Channel.

NetApp EF-Series Product Analysis includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview of system
  • Hardware architecture
  • Software architecture
  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability features
  • Evaluator Group commentary

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