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Lenovo V3700 – Product Analysis

Last updated December 3rd, 2018 for name change from IBM to Lenovo. Deep dive product analysis that explores the features and functionality of the Lenovo V3700. Unbiased analyst view, 23 pages. Download the full Product Analysis now!

The Lenovo V3700 (originally the IBM Storwize V3700) is an entry level block-storage system that has a common architecture and code base with the IBM Storwize V7000 and the IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC). The V3700 is a dual controller node with up to 240 disk drives in a cabinet along with the ability to migrate data from external attached storage systems. Unlike the SVC or V7000, third party storage cannot be virtualized behind the V3700.

The Lenovo V3700 also differs from the SVC and V7000 in that the licensed option for real-time compression of primary data is not available currently.

Competitive storage solutions include the Dell EMC Unity, NetApp FAS2700, and HP MSA. Additional information on these products is available in ESR to authorized subscribers.

Lenovo V3700 – Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Hardware Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Software features and functions
  • Advanced Features and Functions
  • RAS Features
  • Performance
  • Summary comments with Perceived Strengths and Potential Concerns

Download the full Product Analysis now!

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