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Lab Insight: DATASTOR Shield Enterprise Protection Server Backup Lab Validation

The primary goals of this evaluation was to determine the capabilities of DATASTOR EPS, leveraging Evaluator Group experience in using other mid-market backup solutions. Testing focused on several aspects of the backup application that are typically part of an evaluation process by IT end users. Download the report now!

Evaluator Group was commissioned by DATASTOR to assess the features, ease of use and other general items of DATASTOR Shield™ Enterprise Protection Server application.  Evaluator Group labs and equipment were utilized and Evaluator Group performed testing.

DATASTORE Shiled Enterprise Protection Lab Insight Report Includes:

  • DATASTOR Shield Enterprise Protection Server
  • Server Architecture
  • Validation
  • Ease of Use
  • Initial Setup
  • Typical Use
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Application Integration
  • Other Features
  • Evaluator Group Commentary
  • EG Summary

Download the report now!

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