IOmark-VM-HC Benchmark Report for Datrium DVX

Full Summary:

This document is the official benchmark report for the tested configuration using Datrium DVX as a hyperconverged system.

IOmark is a storage specific workload and benchmark designed to test storage systems performance using a variety of real world, application centric workloads. The IOmark-VM benchmark is a specific workload, which measures Server Virtualization workloads (VMs) run against storage systems. Results are published after audit and certified approval by IOmark authorized auditors.

IOmark-VM-HC is a benchmark that certifies Hyper-Converged systems for virtual server results. The measurement criteria are storage performance, with the restriction that all storage workloads must be supported by the tested Hyper-Converged system. Although there are CPU and memory considerations, these aspects are not tested by the IOmark-VM workload.