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InfiniDAT InfiniBox – Product Analysis

Last updated November 12th, 2019 for updated models and to add NAS features. 23-page report covering hardware architecture, software architecture, reliability, availability, serviceability and performance of InfiniDAT InfiniBox. Download the full Product Analysis now!

The INFINIDAT InfiniBox storage system is an enterprise storage system targeted for usage in open systems environments as both a block storage system with SAN attachment and as a file storage NAS system using NFS over Ethernet. The InfiniBox is based on a scale-out architecture of standard servers with storage enclosures directly attached over SAS and executing the embedded system software to provide a scalable, high-performance storage solution.
The INFINIDAT InfiniBox storage system is an evolution of architecture from the Israeli-American company headed by Moshe Yanai, drawing upon experience learned in delivering EMC Symmetrix and IBM XIV systems previously. The InfiniBox has several models that provide storage with disk drives and DRAM and Flash as cache. The system is a scale out architecture but the first models are configured with three controllers and eight, four, and two drive enclosures. The controllers are interconnected using InfiniBand with RDMA access between them.

InfiniDAT InfiniBox Product Analysis Includes: 

  • An Overview
  • Hardware architecture
  • Software architecture
  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Serviceability
  • Performance
  • Evaluator Group’s Comments

Download the full Product Analysis now!

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