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Industry Insight: The Private Cloud Appliance Landscape

Published October 10th, 2016. John Webster, Sr. Analyst, explores private cloud appliance solutions and deployment models in this premium Industry Insight report. Download the report now!

A Review of Private Cloud Deployment Models and Appliance Solutions 

by John Webster

Most enterprise IT organizations now have a cloud computing strategy to meet new interpretations of their service delivery requirements often referred to as “agile” service delivery. While some cloud initiatives are more far reaching than others, there is no doubt that cloud computing has had and will continue to have a significant and lasting impact on enterprise IT. We have seen the rise of cloud architects, often outside the confines of traditional IT. Indeed, cloud architects abound across the enterprise IT landscape while the most common IT strategy debate now centers around “cloudscape”—public, private, or hybrid clouds—as hosting environments for even the most critical of business applications.

While the public cloud has been extremely nimble for service delivery, private clouds also offer rapid deployment options with the added benefit of greater control. Hence we have seen a proliferation of private cloud platforms from vendors that will likely be extended to the hybrid cloud domain. A case in point is the private cloud appliance that will be discussed in more detail in this report and will also become the subject of an upcoming comparative analysis by the Evaluator Group.

This report covers the landscape of vendor offerings responding to the requirements for Enterprise IT private cloud deployments. First, we note the drivers for private cloud adoption. Next, we turn to the currently available open source and proprietary private cloud platforms, and in each case include a discussion of the different deployment options now available to users.

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