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Object storage technology solves some of the major problems in storing and managing information. The most pressing problem is the amount of data Information Technology is tasked with handling. This information capacity increase is primarily in the form of unstructured data; mostly files. The growth comes from a number of sources which can be reduced to a few general categories:

  • Information from ongoing operations continues to increase. There is a reluctance to set deletion policies for information no longer required which leads to maintaining data for a very long time. Some information has requirements for retention, measured in decades, creating a compounding effect for information storage.
  • Non-­‐traditional sources of data are coming into IT. These new non-­‐traditional data sources may be from sensors, social media, and other external sources used for new analytics applications. Usually this information is categorized as Big Data Analytics data. The information is new to IT and the magnitude in most cases is beyond the total capacity of data already being managed by IT.
  • Applications are being developed which use multi-­‐media and drive large storage capacity needs. Efficient use of space was a concern with applications in the past but is not considered in these types of applications.

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