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Technical Insight: IBM’s Next Generation DS8880 Storage Systems—Enhanced Performance with IT Agility

Published October 13th, 2015. 14-page white paper reviewing the new IBM DS8000 model of hybrid flash storage system. Download the full white paper today!

White Paper by John Webster.

IBM is introducing the new DS8000 hybrid flash storage systems—the Next Generation DS8880 family— comprised of an Enterprise Class model (DS8886) and an entry-level Business Class model (DS8884). These address the ever present need for greater storage system performance in mission critical applications by doubling performance over the previous DS8870 series. They also address the objective of keeping IT operational budgets as lean as possible by introducing new space efficiency features that reduce operational support costs.

Storage performance is increasingly critical. IBM achieves this through implementation of new Power 8 multicore processors for the central system controllers and support for a new PCIe Gen 3-based system interconnection architecture that significantly increases internal system bandwidth. New IO capabilities of the z13 are also supported that include FICON Express 16S with Forward Error Correction support, High Performance FICON for z Systems (zHPF), and SAN Fabric Priority.

The DS8880 also carries forward the advanced data storage management functions and usability features of previous DS8000 generations. Here we review its architectural enhancements that form the basis for IO acceleration and reductions in overall operational support costs. We also explain how the acquisition alternatives available from IBM Global Finance for DS8880 help position it financially in private and hybrid cloud environments where IT infrastructure agility is a critical requirement.

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