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IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) – Product Analysis

Last updated December 17th, 2018 for end of year updates. Unbiased 27-page deep dive covering the architecture and advanced features of IBM SVC. Download the full Product Analysis now!

The IBM San Volume Controller (SVC) is a block-storage virtualization appliance, comprised of software and hardware. There are two versions, the full enterprise version supporting up to 4 controllers with two controllers in a cluster.

The IBM SVC includes the licensed option for real-time compression of primary data. Data is compressed as it is received in the SVC controllers and stored in compressed form on the external systems. The IBM Virtual Storage Controller is an SVC that is packaged as a solution with IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center and FlashCopy Manager. The software for the SVC and VSC is named IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

Competitive virtualization solutions include EMC VMAX³ Federated Tiered Storage, Hitachi Data Systems VSP, NetApp FlexArray, EMC VPLEX, and DataCore SANsymphony. Additional information on these virtualization solutions is available in ESR to authorized subscribers.

IBM SVC SAN Volume Controller Product Analysis includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview of system
  • Hardware Architecture
  • SVC Software Architecture
  • Software Features & Functions
  • Advanced Features and Functions
  • RAS Features
  • Performance
  • Evaluator Comments

Download the full Product Analysis now!

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