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IBM Cloud Satellite – Product Brief

Published November 19th, 2021. Concise and unbiased 4-page overview of the features/functionality of IBM Cloud Satellite. Includes overview, usage and EvaluScale review. Download now!

IBM Cloud Satellite is a hybrid cloud service that instantiates IBM cloud services within an enterprise data center or edge environment, or within another public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). It can be ordered as software based on Red Hat Linux and Red Hat OpenShift. Users must supply the Linux hosts. Once integrated with the hardware platform, IBM takes over that resource pool and runs it as an extension of IBM Cloud. As such, it is essentially an IBM-managed OpenShift platform delivered as-a-service that distributes IBM Cloud services to enterprise data center, public clouds and edge environments. Kyndryl can also be a source for a complete turnkey IBM Cloud Satellite solution (hardware/software appliance) delivered as-a-service. Users run Cloud Satellite workloads in the physical location of their choice to meet legal requirements, compliance standards, data speeds, and network latency requirements while securely using IBM Cloud services.

Services available include:
• Red Hat OpenShift for containers
• IBM Cloud Pak for Data as a Service
• IBM Cloud Databases

The objective is to allow IBM Cloud users to run cloud workloads in other physical locations to meet legal requirements, compliance standards, data speeds, and network latency requirements while securely using IBM Cloud services that comply with IBM Cloud’s extensive list of data, finance, health, insurance, privacy, security, technology, and other international compliance standards.

IBM Cloud Satellite (referred to as a “Satellite location”) provides an API-based suite of tools that can be installed within an on-premises data center, another cloud provider, or an edge network as a Satellite location. Users provide their own Linux servers and associated storage that meet minimum the host requirements. When installed, IBM Cloud services are delivered to the location of choice. The Satellite location is securely connected to IBM Cloud through an encrypted TLS tunnel that is provided with the Satellite Link component. By using this TLS tunnel, users can securely access IBM Cloud services and use them with the same security and compliance standards as in IBM Cloud.
Software tools provided include Satellite Link and Satellite Config to provide additional capabilities for securing and auditing network connections and consistently deploying, managing, and controlling applications and policies across clusters in the location.


IBM Cloud Satellite Product Brief Includes: 

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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