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Hyperconverged Infrastructures in the Enterprise

Published July 5th, 2016. In conjunction with the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA), Evaluator Group has published a complete report of the survey findings on how enterprises are using hyperconverged infrastructures.

Lead Analyst: Eric Slack

Hyperconverged Infrastructures are an exploding market, one that’s projected to reach almost $4B by 2020 with a combined annual growth rate of sixty percent†. To date, the majority of adoption has come from the small-to-medium business category. While the potential for growth in the enterprise is significant, less attention has been paid to this segment of the hyperconverged market. So Evaluator Group undertook a study with the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) to explore how Enterprise IT is adopting hyperconverged technology.

The objective of this study was to find out how enterprises are using hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, or plan to use them, and which products they prefer. We also wanted to know what IT professionals in these big companies thought about this new technology in general. We asked them what benefits they saw in these products, compared with traditional IT solutions, and how well they thought hyperconverged technologies fit in an enterprise data center, running “tier-one” production workloads.


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