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Hybrid Cloud Storage for the Enterprise – Research Study

Published September 5th, 2018. This research study examines the adoption of Hybrid Cloud Storage in the Enterprise and breaks down the top eight use cases detailing adoption, expenditures, barriers, implementation options, use of data services, decision making, public cloud provider preferences and other decision elements. Download the study now!

As we advance further into the era of cloud computing, enterprise end users are increasingly concluding that there will always be an on-premises information technology (IT) component. This leads them to the conclusion that the hybrid cloud is the only long-term end state. Typically, they are expanding into the cloud, but realize it is not appropriate for some percentage of their applications or data.

Last year, Evaluator Group used survey data and one-on-one interviews with enterprise IT administrators to gain insights into their perceptions and experiences with hybrid cloud as an emerging architecture. We found that, for a growing majority, hybrid cloud computing was their long-term future. We explored their interpretations of IT agility (a term still often used by them as one of their objectives), how they interpret a “cloud first” directive from upper-level management, and what barriers they had to overcome to advance hybrid cloud adoption.

The survey research presented in this report focuses on the data aspect of hybrid cloud. Storage is foundational to computing. The same statement is just as true for hybrid cloud computing. Here, we examine in detail the data aspect by breaking down our view into eight use cases for hybrid cloud storage architectures. Use cases include:

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) / Business Continuance (BC)
  • Data Protection
  • Data Archive
  • Tier 1 Applications
  • Content Sharing and Distribution
  • Test and Development
  • Analytics
  • Application Mobility

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