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HPE D2D StoreOnce – Product Brief

Last updated August 24th, 2019 for updates to EvaluScale table. 7-page summary of the usage, potential, strengths and concerns of the HPE StoreOnce product.

The HPE StoreOnce deduplication product line is used for backup and long-term retention of retention points. The StoreOnce product line includes virtual appliances for remote or cloud deployments, small and mid-size models to the large data- center class B65000 system.

All StoreOnce models support Virtual Tape Library access, NAS access and HPE Catalyst object access. Data deduplication rates range from 10x to 30x but depend greatly on the data sets being deduplicated. As with competing systems, StoreOnce utilizes inline deduplication during the transfer to the storage to minimize storage capacity utilized and improve performance. HPE StoreOnce systems have been shipping for over five years and have gained widespread market adoption for use as backup to disk systems.

HPE D2D StoreOnce product brief includes:

  • Usage
  • Potential
  • Strengths and Concerns
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