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HPE OneSphere Cloud Management – Industry Snapshot

Published November 28th, 2017. In this Industry Snapshot report, we discuss the announcement of HPE OneSphere - a SaaS-based, Multi-Cloud Management Solution. Download the free report now!

HPE Announces OneSphere—a SaaS-based, Multi-Cloud Management Solution

HPE has announced OneSphere, a multi-cloud management solution that provides a unified experience across public clouds, on-premises private clouds and software-defined infrastructure.

OneSphere delivers enterprise administrative access to a pool of cloud-based IT resources that span an enterprises public cloud services as well as on-premises cloud and virtualized IT environments. According to HPE, OneSphere is targeted at IT operations, developers, and business executives. OneSphere will be delivered via an HPE software-as-a-service (SaaS) portal.


OneSphere offers a single, unified point of access and control, supporting virtual machine, containerized and bare metal applications across different combinations of pubic clouds, as well as on-premises infrastructure. Administrators can apply OneSphere to Traditional IT and Cloud-native environments, offering self-service access to cloud services, developers and IT operations administrators.

OneSphere, based on Kubernetes, is accessed via a public cloud-based portal and runs as a management service hosted within a public cloud—initially AWS with additional supported CSPs in later releases. Enterprise IT has ultimate command and control authority which can be delegated to developers and business user groups.

Current features include:

  • Software-defined resources pools that can be accessed directly by authorized users
  • Chargeback and cost modeling
  • Software-defined and API-driven virtual resource pools with the ability to match the right cloud resources to user group projects
  • Project Workspaces designed for IT operations, developers and business user groups
  • Metering, monitoring and logging applied to supported platforms under management (see below)

Currently, the supported cloud platforms under OneSphere management include:

  • VMware vRealize
  • OpenStack (KVM)
  • Docker Enterprise
  • Microsoft Azure Stack appliance
  • HPE SimpliVity
  • AWS

OneSphere is available on a subscription basis and as a modified managed service where the customer provides the underlying on-premises hardware as needed. HPE’s Flexible Capacity pay-for-use consumption model for customers’ on-premises infrastructure can be leveraged in conjunction with OneSphere for customers who require OPEX funding for the entire OneSphere “stack.”


OneSphere can acquired on a subscription consumption basis with a minimum one-year commitment. The basic unit of cost is a Hybrid Licensing Unit (HLU). Pointnext services are available to OneSphere customers on an as-needed basis.

Managed Service

HPE Pointnext Services will also deliver OneSphere as a managed service where the customer maintains access and control as well as providing the underlying hardware. Customers can include additional services aimed at building-out a cloud strategy and implementing multi-cloud environments. HPE’s recent acquisition of CTP, now a unit within Pointnext, specializes in cloud consulting services and offers additional expertise in migrating, developing and managing cloud applications and infrastructures across public and private clouds.

Evaluator Group Comments

Our research shows that the majority of large enterprise IT organizations are now pursuing hybrid cloud IT delivery strategies based on the use of internal private cloud integrated with more than one public clouds—typically AWS and Microsoft Azure. Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) allow centralized IT to manage them from a consolidated point of control that reaches into each of them, further enabling the advancement of a cloud computing strategy. Benefits include enhanced security from access control, centralized data management across all cloud infrastructures, cloud resource-to-application matching, and centralized cost control and management. Here we see HPE aspiring to take an early lead in the adoption of CMPs with OneSphere, but with a limited set of deliverables on first release. This is not necessarily an issue as enterprise hybrid cloud projects are still very much a work in progress.

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