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HPE Alletra Storage MP – Product Review

Published April 24th, 2023. Concise 10-page overview of HPE Alletra Storage MP. Includes overview, usage, EvaluScale and more. Download the full product review now!

Alletra Storage MP is a data storage platform from HPE that utilizes software defined storage to provide either block or file storage. The block storage persona is developed from HPE and is an evolution of Nimble and Primera storage software. The file storage persona is a modified version of VAST Data’s Universal Storage.

HPE offers both the block and file solutions as HPE GreenLake services designated as GreenLake for Block Storage and GreenLake for File Storage.

The Alletra Storage MP platform utilizes the same hardware for either a block or a file solution, with the core difference being the storage software installed. The hardware consists of 2U building blocks with AMD processors and NVMe SSDs – with variations in configurations and scalability between the file and block offerings. Both block and file storage are managed through the same SaaS control plane called Data Services Cloud Console. However, this is not a unified storage system because block and
file cannot run together on the same hardware.

The Alletra naming scheme has represented HPE’s unification of multiple solutions within a single brand with common management and availability via HPE GreenLake. Previous iterations of HPE Alletra storage systems – Alletra 9000, 6000, and 5000 – were actually separate hardware platforms, evolutions of either 3PAR/Primera or Nimble storage. The Alletra Storage MP takes the concept a step further by providing a single hardware platform capable of offering two different software solutions. The MP stands for multi-protocol.

HPE Alletra Storage MP Product Review Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • Architecture Deployment
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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