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HPE StoreVirtual 4000 – Product Brief

Last updated February 1st, 2017 with minor change to replication support for VSA. Concise and unbiased 7-page overview of the features and functionality of HPE StoreVirtual 4000.


The HP StoreVirtual 4000 is a series of products based on the LeftHand Networks technology acquired in 2008.  The StoreVirtual 4130 and 4330 models allow a single node per SAN and can be SAN attached using iSCSI over Ethernet.  The 4330FC model is connected by Fibre Channel.  The 4530 and 4730 are IP-based storage systems using iSCSI with server-based nodes and attached storage.  The 4630 BladeSystem SAN uses blades in a C7000 enclosure with management from BladeSystem Infrastructure tools. HP has introduced sub-LUN tiering called Adaptive Optimization with the 4335 Hybrid Storage system.  With support for SSDs and HDDs, the 4335 can auto-tier at the sub-LUN level with 256KB granularity.

HP StoreVirtual is a family of storage systems created by integrated software named LeftHand OS software running on HP Proliant server platforms with disk or solid state storage attached.   A version of the StoreVirtual System called the Virtual Storage Appliance or VSA is offered that connects existing customer storage to provide the same functionality while protecting the customer hardware investment.  StoreVirtual VSA creates a virtual iSCSI SAN utilizing existing server and storage resources with an instance HP LeftHand software running within VMware ESX.


HP StoreVirtual 4000 is a general purpose block storage system for usage in environments that want to have shared storage with a SAN for block access and where a Fibre Channel SAN is not installed or does not want to be expanded.  StoreVirtual 4000 enables scaling of capacity and performance by the addition of nodes and is targeted at midsize environments.  Because of the cost and simplicity of installation and scaling, StoreVirtual 4000 should appeal to mid-size businesses to mid-tier enterprise customers and remote offices.

  • Characteristics
    • Performance – As a midrange storage system, the StoreVirtual 4000 has good performance and scale with the addition of nodes.
    • Availability – The multiple nodes (with a minimum of two) are configured for high availability. The StoreVirtual 4000 allows data to be distributed across nodes (called Network RAID) to enable selectable availability versus cost.
    • Replication for BC/DR – Both asynchronous and synchronous remote replication is available. Replication to another StoreVirtual or to 3PAR system.
    • Notable – There is a centralized management console to manage all the nodes and allow administrators to migrate data between nodes.
    • Stretched clusters are supported.
  • Applications
    • The StoreVirtual 4000 is targeted at applications that use block I/O.
    • The features of snapshots (integrated with Windows applications using VSS) and remote replication give customers high-end system capabilities in a product targeted at the midrange. The performance and features allow applications to be deployed in a high availability environment.
  • System environments
    • The StoreVirtual 4000 is a block storage system accessed using iSCSI with standard iSCSI drivers on host systems. Fibre Channel host attachment is available as an option for attachment to Fibre Channel SANs.  StoreVirtual 4000 nodes must still be connected over Ethernet for communication and advanced functions.
  • Deployment and Administration
    • The StoreVirtual 4000 is meant to be installed and management by an IT generalist with basic knowledge of networking. For those customers without the required knowledge, the reseller services should be utilized.
    • The management is through the Centralized Management Console for multiple nodes across data centers.


The HP StoreVirtual 4000 can be extended with the addition of different storage devices including SSDs and the ability to automatically tier and migrate data.  With the simplicity and the low cost enabled by using standard server technology, customers will continue to benefit from the HP LeftHand storage application even when the hardware is upgraded.

HPE StoreVirtual 4000 Product Brief includes:

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