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HPE Virtual Array (EVA) P6000 – Product Analysis

This document is retired and no longer updated. 14-page deep dive into the architecture and functionality of HP P6000 Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA). Download the full Product Analysis now!

The Hewlett Packard  Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) P6000 is the updated model of the EVA that HP offers for open systems block storage.  It has been a very successful system for HP with wide deployment in many different market segments and usages.  The EVA is positioned by HP as a mid-tier open systems block storage device.  The HP 3PAR P10000 system is positioned above the EVA as the high-end enterprise system and the Lefthand P4000 and HP P2000 MSA are positioned below the EVA as the small to mid-size business offerings for open system.

To cover that large expanse where the HP EVA P6000 is targeted, there are currently two models of the EVA defined that vary in price, storage capacity, and performance in addition to the previous generation of EVA.  The HP EVA P6500 covers the higher end of the segment with the HP EVA P6300 covering the rest.  New models, the P6350 and P6550 were released in June of 2012.

HPE Virtual Array Product Analysis Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Product architecture
  • Technical specifications
  • Software features and functions
  • Evaluator Group commentary

Download the full Product Analysis now!


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