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Hitachi Vantara NEXT2018 – Industry Snapshot

Published October 5th, 2018. In this Industry Snapshot, John Webster, Sr. Analysts, discusses the major announcements from Hitachi Vantara NEXT2018. Download this free report now!

Hitachi Vantara’s NEXT event was held I San Diego during the last week of September 2018. Over two days, Hitachi executives updated attendees on their expanding product portfolio and evolving strategy.

Hitachi Vantara used the NEXT2018 forum as a platform for new announcements. These included:

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC) Container Platform—new addition to the HEC family focused on faster deployment and management of Kubernetes container environments. Hitachi Vantara is partnering with Aqua Security to add comprehensive security capabilities to the HEC Container Platform service as well.

Hitachi’s first all-NVMe hyperconverged system for Unified Compute Platform HC (UCP HC)—the all-flash NVMe UCP HC V124N system in a 1U form factor with up to 12 NVMe SSDs for a total raw capacity of up to 72 TB. Optional NVMe chassis for UCP HC systems are expected to be generally available in November 2018 and will be complemented by all-NVMe Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) options for standalone deployment or within UCP CI in 2019.

Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI (UCP CI) systems include new support for Hitachi Advanced Server DS7000 series servers and the Hitachi Advanced Server DS225 with NVIDIA Tesla GPUs for specialized graphics needs including VDI, CAD, collaborative workplaces and advanced analytics. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform RS (UCP RS) rack- scale system also adds support for the Hitachi DS225 server with NVIDIA Tesla GPU. These advancements will be generally available in November 2018.

Hitachi Solution for Databases, supported for UCP system for both optimizing and scaling performance in Oracle environments. Other Oracle environment support on UCP now includes Hadoop and MongoDB as offload targets for Oracle Enterprise Data Warehouse
EDW) on UCP RS systems with Pentaho Data Integration. These are available now.

Hitachi also previewed new research initiatives including:

  • New purpose-built FPGAs for optimizing performance of massive-scale data lake processing requirements
  • Neural network storage research aimed at data management and reduction
  • Machine learning model management to accelerate delivery of new analytic outcomes into applications
  • 3D-motion LiDAR-based analytics platform for the real-time analysis of movement

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