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Hitachi Vantara EverFlex Consumption – Product Brief

Last updated November 19th, 2021 for product updates. Concise 6-page product brief covering usage, potential, EvaluScale table and more. Download the Product Brief now!

EverFlex is a marketing and sales program that Hitachi Vantara will use to highlight the different options that their customers will have in acquiring products within their portfolio. With regard to storage, these options are

EverFlex Purchase – normal purchase where a fixed price for infrastructure is determined and paid up-front and the customer defines, operates and manages the infrastructure
EverFlex Lease – same as EverFlex purchase except that the infrastructure is leased from Hitachi by the customer and Hitachi retains title to the infrastructure.
EverFlex Consumption – cloud-like pay-per-use with options for Hitachi’s management of the infrastructure.

In this product brief outline Hitachi Vantara’s EverFlex Consumption pay-per-use offerings.

HitachiVantara EverFlex Consumption

There are two options available to customers under the Consumption/pay-per/use model: Storage as a Service and Utility. Each differs as to the breadth of services offered and the degree of involvement Hitachi has in configuring, managing and supporting their products delivered under the EverFlex Consumption models


Hitachi Vantara EverFlex STaaS Product Brief Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

Download the full Product Brief now!

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