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Hammerspace Global Data Environment – Product Brief

Last updated December 8th, 2022 for end of year updates. Concise 5-page overview of Hammerspace Global Data Environment. Includes overview, highlights, EvaluScale review and more. Download the full Product Brief now!

The Hammerspace Global Data Environment (GDE) is a software-defined storage approach to a global file system. Hammerspace GDE can be deployed as a hybrid cloud, multi-site NAS or multiple cloud setup, enabling users to interact with and share metadata stored in any location. GDE provides orchestration through a set of data services.

Like other global file systems targeted at a distributed workforce, Hammerspace’s goal is to provide access to files as if they were local regardless of where they or the data sets reside. But while several competitors store a golden copy in the cloud and cache frequently accessed data locally, Hammerspace instead provides access to files from anywhere through intelligent metadata management.

Hammerspace is less cloud-centric than competitors such as Nasuni, CTERA and Panzura. Hammerspace’s focus is more on customers with multiple data centers and a smaller cloud component than companies looking to move the bulk of their file storage to the cloud. They all share the goal of enabling a global workforce, including those with a large work-at-home force. Hammerspace makes network shares visible and accessible to all workers as if they were at a physical data center.

Hammerspace Global Data Environment Product Brief includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

Download the full product brief now! 

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