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Google Cloud Anthos – Product Brief

Published October 13th, 2020. Concise and unbiased 6-page overview of the features/functionality of Google Cloud Anthos. Includes overview, usage and EvaluScale review. Download now!

Google Cloud Anthos is an on-premises platform for running Kubernetes (K8S)-based applications on Google’s Kubernetes Engine (GKE), an open-source project that manages container services for the company’s Cloud Platform. The Anthos implementation of GKE on-premises and currently operates as a virtual appliance on VMware vSphere. Anthos also runs in AWS and Azure public clouds.

Google’s stated objective with Anthos is to provide enterprise users with an open source-based, container management platform that can be used to develop containerized applications that run on premises and in the public cloud with little to no modification. Application modernization is a primary use case for Anthos while GKE is generally is regarded as the best platform to run microservices. Anthos will also appeal to users looking for a truly cloud native development platform that is easily portable to multi-cloud architectures.


Anthos is actually a collection of open source projects that, when integrated, establish the Anthos platform. Components include:

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) – the command and control center of Anthos. GKE runs on distributed, clustered infrastructure, on premises (as in the case of Anthos) or in the cloud.

GKE On-prem – for customer deployment of GKE on a compatible hardware stack and as a virtual appliance within VMware vSphere within a customer’s data center or other non-public cloud deployment model. Google manages the platform from the perspective of upgrading the software and applying the latest patches to maintain compatibility with versions running in public clouds.

Istio – the service mesh connecting distributed components of applications deployed across data centers and cloud instances. It uses networking foundations such as VMware NSX and Cisco ACI.

Anthos Migrate – for streaming Anthos VMs to the cloud via replication and converting exiting VMs into Kubernetes-based containers (based on Velostrata acquisition).

Anthos Config Management – centralized repository of cluster configurations and operational policies.

Stackdriver – monitors the state of Anthos clusters as well as applications running on Anthos

Product Brief Includes: 

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion

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