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Future Proof Your Data Center with NetApp V-Series

Evaluator Group highlights critical considerations to move your data center into the future while increasing service levels and reducing costs

Executive Summary

Business optimization is once again in vogue as companies look for ways to continue delivering the high levels of services their customers have come to expect, while lowering costs. IT departments are receiving increased scrutiny of their budgets for this critical function.

One of the largest components of IT spending is storage, which has been increasing faster than server and datacenter networking spending, and is projected to continue doing so over the next five-year period. Evaluator Group’s analysis reveals storage spending has continued to increase as a percentage of total IT spending.

For these reasons, IT managers and CFO’s alike are looking for ways to radically improve the efficiency of their IT storage investments. New technologies such as virtualization can help improve storage efficiencies, just as it has improved server utilization. Pragmatic corporate executives and IT staffs are seeking proven solutions that minimize new capital investments.

In this paper, Evaluator Group highlights the critical considerations and demonstrates how to significantly increase service levels and reduce costs – all while delivering proven results to the bottom line.


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