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Dell EMC VPLEX – Product Analysis

Last updated October 9th, 2016 with support for tiering to cloud providers. 20-page deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of EMC VPLEX. Download the full Product Analysis now!

The Dell EMC VPLEX is a network based, virtualized storage product designed create high availability storage between datacenters and provide the ability to move applications and data between storage environments.  The Dell EMC VPLEX will compete with other high availability options and SAN virtualization, including HP’s XP series, HDS VSP G1000 and VSP, along with IBM SVC and NetApp FAS series.

Dell EMC VPLEX does not easily fit into any existing product category.  Although its features and design most closely resemble other network based SAN virtualization products, VPLEX is not supported by Dell EMC for general SAN virtualization uses.  Some of the local specific use cases VPLEX is designed and supports are local non-disruptive data migration, support for VMware VMotion between two systems.  Metro use cases include data migration, support for VMware VMotion  or Microsoft Hyper-V between two data centers.  Geo uses provide non-disruptive data migration between Dell EMC and non-Dell EMC storage within a datacenter, support for VMware VMotion migration between two datacenters, stretched clusters, plus more.

Dell EM VPLEX Product Analysis Includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Product Use Cases
  • Product Architecture
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability features
  • Performance
  • Connectivity
  • Advanced Features
  • Evaluator Group comments including Strengths and Perceived Challenges

Download the full Product Analysis now!

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