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Dell EMC VNXe SAN Storage – Product Analysis

EMC VNXe SAN Product Analysis - Updated August 25th, 2015 with the release of the VNXe 1600 product. Deep dive product analysis that explores the features and functionality of the EMC VNXe SAN. Unbiased view, 18 pages.

Dell EMC VNXe SAN Storage

The Dell EMC VNXe series of storage systems are a family of systems that provides unified file and block storage and replaced the CLARiiON and Celerra product lines in the entry level enterprise, small and midrange business (SMB) and remote office/branch office (ROBO) market segments.  The systems provide a wide set of connectivity options for block access and for file access as a NAS system.

The VNXe family represents an evolution of the long available CLARiiON and Celerra products where the two systems have been combined to provide a single storage system.  The CLARiiON has been a successful block storage product line from Dell EMC resulting from the acquisition of Data General.  Multiple generations of the CLARiiON have been delivered.  Dell EMC moved away from the CLARiiON name with incorporation of the successful Celerra NAS system into a combined product where additional technology advances have been continued.

Evaluator Group Note:  The VNXe  for block access will be described in this analysis.  There is a separate document to describe the VNX for file as a NAS.   The combined functionality of the block and file storage will also be described here but the details of the NAS implementation will be covered in the NAS section of the Evaluator Series Research.

Content includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview, including Model Comparison
  • Product Architecture
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS)
  • Advanced Features
  • Evaluator Group Comments
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