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Dell EMC RecoverPoint – Product Analysis

Last updated September 24, 2017 with the release of RecoverPoint for virtual machines. 21-page deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of EMC RecoverPoint.

Dell EMC RecoverPoint has evolved from a single niche product into a full-featured product line. RecoverPoint is a solution consisting of software and software that runs on an appliance or as a virtual appliance that provides data protection for Dell EMC and limited third party storage systems and a separate version that supports replication from a VMware hypervisor. The RecoverPoint line provides data replication and protection features between multiple Dell EMC and third party storage devices. This document provides an overview and analysis of the major features and functions of Dell EMC’s RecoverPoint appliances and RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines.

This product analysis includes: 

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Product architecture
  • Replication Operations / Version Comparison
  • Feature descriptions
  • Evaluator Group Commentary


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