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Dell EMC Symmetrix VMAX – Product Analysis

This document is retired and no longer updated. Please see Dell EMC VMAX3 for the most current product information. Last updated October 28th, 2013. 33-page deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of the EMC Symmetrix VMAX. Download the full Product Analysis now!

This product has been replaced by the Dell EMC VMAX3.

The Dell EMC Symmetrix VMAX is the continuation of Dell EMC’s Symmetrix high end storage system series and the successor to the Symmetrix DMX series. The VMAX is powered by the Enginuity firmware enabling a high-end functionality enterprise class storage array, which is based on Dell EMC’s Virtual Matrix architecture. The VMAX supports IBM mainframe environments (except for the 10K model), open systems, and IBM System i.

The VMAX series includes three models that differ in configuration and scale: the 10K, 20K and the 40K. The 10K replaces the entry level system VMAXe system. Competitors for the different VMAX models include IBM’s DS8000 and XIV systems, Hitachi’s VSP and Hewlett Packard’s XP/P9500 and 3PAR systems storage arrays.

Another version of the Symmetrix offered is the VMAX Cloud Edition which is VMAX system configured for Service Providers with preloaded software for storage delivered as a service with quick deployment.



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