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Dell EMC Isilon – Product Brief

Last updated September 3rd, 2019 for updates to EvaluScale table. Concise and unbiased 9-page overview of the features and functionality of EMC Isilon.

Dell EMC’s Isilon systems are a series of scale out NAS systems to address various usages in Information Technology, Media & Entertainment, and high-performance computing markets. Using clustering of multiple nodes, Isilon has created a scale out NAS architecture to address customer needs in performance, capacity, and price. Multiple models provide different performance and capacity scaling while using the same underlying architecture and software.

Scaling of multiple nodes in an N-Way cluster architecture provides for redundancy and scaling of capacity and performance. A minimum of three nodes are required in the clustering configuration with a maximum of 144. The OneFS operating system of Isilon enables the clustering and all features to provide the performance and capabilities to meet customer needs across multiple markets.

Key security features of Isilon include use of Self Encrypting Drives and internal key management to protect from obtaining data in the case of drive thefts and cryptographic erase for secure deletion of data. Audit trails of access control changes are also supported with the integration of third party software. Role-based access control, access zones, and OpenSSL add to the security features. Compliance features include data retention and WORM mode.

Transparent tiering to public or private clouds is a native feature of Isilon OneFS.

IsilonSD Edge is a software only version meant to be installed at remote locations, connected to a central Isilon system. IsilonSD Edge runs as a VM in VMware ESXi.

Dell EMC has announced an all-flash version of Isilon that will be generally available in 2017. The Isilon All Flash uses solid state storage devices and will scale very large with 400+ nodes, 25M IOPs, 1.5 TB/s bandwidth, and over 100PB.

Product Brief Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • Overview
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion
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