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Dell EMC ECS Appliance – Product Brief

Last updated September 8th, 2019 for additions to the EvaluScale table. Concise 7-page overview of object storage offering EMC ECS (Elastic Cloud Storage). Covers highlights, usage, potential, and strengths/weaknesses.

Dell EMC   Elastic   Cloud   Storage   (ECS)   appliance   is   an   Dell EMC   ViPR implementation  using  commodity  servers  and  storage  devices with Dell EMC software as a storage system.   Primarily offered as object or HDFS storage, the ECS appliance also can provide block storage access with Dell EMC ScaleIO installed.  The system can scale with multiple nodes.   Pre-­configured models are available  with either 4 or 8 nodes but ECS Appliance should be able to  scale much larger with custom deployments.   A node is a  standard server.  Storage is in an attached enclosure with 60 – 6  TB  SATA drives in a JBOD arrangement.

Deployment of the ECS Appliance can be across multiple sites in an  active-­active  configuration,  allowing  for  geo-­distribution  of data and forward error correction using erasure codes for  data protection.  Dell EMC  ECS  Appliance  is  a  distributed  scale  out  object  storage system  that  is  delivered  as  a  complete  system  with  several  pre-­‐defined  configurations.  ECS software creates a global namespace for objects with custom metadata determining placement, protection, and retention.   HTTP/REST with custom Atmos APIs, Amazon S3, and Swift APIs supported for object access.  HDFS is also supported for use in big data analytics environments. Block storage support can be added with the inclusion of Dell EMC ScaleIO.  An Atmos node can also be configured to operate as a gateway for CIFS/SMB and NFS for file access.

Data  is  stored  as  blocks  called  chunks  on  the  attached  storage  giving  ECS  a  true  object  storage implementation  with  object  access  through  APIs.   The  Dell EMC  ECS  Appliance  system  uses  Linux  as an underlying OS on the controller nodes.

 Dell EMC ECS Appliance Product Brief includes:

  • Introduction
  • Highlights
  • EvaluScale Table
  • Evaluator Group’s Opinion
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