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Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance – Product Brief

Last updated December 17th, 2018 for general updates. Concise and unbiased 4-page overview of the features and functionality of EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance.

The Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance is software that automates data migration, tiering, and archiving for files based on policy controls. Delivered as an appliance or software installable as a virtual machine, the Cloud Tiering Appliance or CTA is an advanced solution for IT to manage unstructured data in the form of files. The archiving and tiering capabilities of CTA provide the economic value to IT for moving less active data off primary storage to less expensive storage and complaint archiving storage systems.

Data migration from NAS systems or fileservers to new systems or to more appropriate storage based on usage characteristics is another of the primary usages of the CTA. Every new NAS system installed may require some migration for which the CTA can be used.

Built on the original Dell EMC File Migration Appliance, the CTA is a mature system with advances including the ability to migrate data to cloud locations such as Dell EMC Atmos or ECS and Amazon S3 and other cloud targets. For tiering and archiving usage, the CTA can replace the migrated files with stubs on EMC Unity/VNX/Celerra and NetApp filers to provide transparent access to migrated files. Targets can be any NAS, object storage, or cloud system, which have been tested and included in the Dell EMC support matrix. Migration sources can be any NAS or Windows fileserver systems. Advanced features of throttling, audit trails for data movement, and transparent access during migration are included with the CTA. Encryption of data as it is migrated is supported with RSA key management. Data is compressed during transfer to reduce bandwidth requirements. Up to 500 million files are supported per appliance or virtual environment.

The Dell EMC Cloud Tiering Appliance can be used in any IT environment as an automated and economic means of managing file data. The CTA is applicable in every IT environment because of the growth in unstructured data. It will most likely be used in high-end and mid-tier enterprise environments with large amounts of file storage required.

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