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Dell EMC Avamar – Product Brief

Last updated July 31, 2012. Concise and unbiased 9-page overview of the features and functionality of EMC Avamar.

Dell EMC Avamar Product Brief

The Dell EMC Avamar backup and restore system is offered in two forms:  as an integrated system with Dell EMC qualified hardware and pre-installed   software   or   as   a   Virtual   Machine   image   for installation  as  a  virtual  appliance.    Backing  up  both  local  and remote systems including servers, NAS, laptops, and  desktops, Avamar   uses   client   side   agents   or   NDMP   with   Avamar Accelerators in the case  of NAS to control the backup of data.

The client side agents or accelerators can apply the Avamar deduplication technology to greatly reduce the actual data to be transferred and stored to disk.  Backups of the deduplicated data can  be  exported  to  tape  (in  deduplicated  form)  using Dell  EMC  NetBackup.    The Dell EMC  Avamar software  is  also  integrated  with Dell EMC  Data  Domain  with  selectivity  to  choose  client  side deduplication or Dell EMC Boost technology for inline deduplication.

Dell EMC Avamar support backing up remote or local servers, laptops, Network Attached Storage systems, and Virtual Machines. Backing up systems in remote sites is a pervasive problem in IT and requires the technology to control the backup, transfer the information, and provide restore functions from a central site. Dell EMC Avamar provides these capabilities and minimizes the amount of data to be transferred by providing deduplication at the client. Integration with Dell EMC Data Domain for optimized in-line deduplication backups and with Dell EMC Networker for export of deduplicated data to tape allows more flexibility for Dell EMC Avamar usage.

This document includes:

  • Product highlights
  • Usage and characteristics
  • Technical specifications
  • Overview of advance features and architecture
  • Strength and weaknesses

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