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EG Video Insight: IT Operations Adapts to Containers (CNDM Days Panel)

Published May 18th, 2021. In this EG Video Insight, Camberley Bates, Krista Macomber and members of Red Hat, VMware, and more discuss how IT operations are adapting to containers. Watch this CNDM Day panel discussion now!


Camberley Bates – Managing Director & Analyst – Go-To-Market Strategies, Channels and Sales Models Evaluator Group

Krista Macomber – Senior Analyst – Data Protection and Multi-Cloud Data Management Evaluator Group

Xing Yang – Tech Lead VMware

Audrey Reznik – Sr Principal Software Engineer Red Hat Data Science

Kris Cowles – SVP, Information Technology Topcon Positioning Systems

Gloria Semme – Engineering Manager Production Engineering SoundCloud

To date, containers have been primarily the domain of developers. Now, they are moving into production and IT needs to adapt. Just as with any platform change, new procedures and systems are required to support this new world. As quoted by one of Evaluator Group’s clients: “Developers are pushing containers. Their long-term strategy is [for IT] to partner with Development and support containers. How do we manage that? We’ll need the whole gamut from provisioning to monitoring, etc.” In this panel, we will explore the changes happening in the IT organization, from personnel roles to collaboration of Dev and Ops, and talk about how to take on the issues that arise, especially in this time of change. Specifically, the panel will present a unique perspective from five women who are tackling change and containers.

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