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EG Video Insight: Cutting through the Container Buzz (CNDM Days Presentation)

Published May 18th, 2021. In this EG Video Insight, Sr. Analyst Krista Macomber discusses where the typical enterprise is at in its adoption of containerized and cloud-native apps and infrastructure and more. Watch this CNDM Day presentation now!

Krista Macomber, Senior Analyst – Data Protection and Multi-Cloud Data Management Evaluator Group

The buzz around containers and cloud-native architectures is endless – but what is actually driving it? Where is the typical enterprise at in its adoption of containerized and cloud-native apps and infrastructure? What problems are they looking to solve, and what are the implications for data protection and management? During this Analyst Session, Evaluator Group Senior Analyst Krista Macomber will tackle these questions and more. Be sure to attend for exclusive survey research findings and insights from independent analyst engagements with a variety of IT professionals.

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