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EG Video Insight: CNDM Day 2021 Panel

Published October 19th, 2021. During CNDM Day 2021, Camberley Bates hosts a panel discussion on the next frontier of containers, the importance of community in cloud native and more. Watch this insightful video now!

Cloud Native Tech – From Pilot to Standardization – The Next Frontier of Containers

Moderator: Camberley Bates, Managing Director, and Analyst, Evaluator Group @camberleyb

Panelists: Janae Stow Lee, Senior Consultant, Evaluator Group

Xing Yang, Cloud Native Storage Tech Lead, VMware and CNCF Kubernetes Storage Co Chair @2000Xyang

Alison Dowdney, Developer Advocate, Weaveworks @alisondowdney

Adi Polak, Sr. Open-Source Big Data Developer, Microsoft @AdiPolak

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