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Dell EMC PowerScale – Product Analysis

Last updated November 30th, 2022 for end of year updates. In-depth 19-page deep dive into the architecture and capabilities of Dell EMC PowerScale. Download the full Product Analysis now!

Dell EMC PowerScale is a series of NAS systems to address various usages for file-based data in a wide range of horizontal and vertical use cases. PowerScale is a successor to Isilon using the same OneFS software. Using clustering of multiple nodes, Dell EMC has created a scale-out NAS architecture to address customer needs in performance, capacity, and price. PowerScale has mulitple models that vary in performance and capacity to meet particular usages. All models have the same underlying architecture and embedded software.

Isilon was an established startup in the NAS space and was acquired by Dell EMC in November of 2010.

PowerScale was announced in June of 2020. The PowerScale systems have been offered as a family with different performance characteristics by models. The current models are:

H – Hybrid with a mixture of SSDs and HDDs.
A – Archive with high capacity HDDs
F – All flash system with SSDs

The Dell EMC PowerScale – Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview
  • Product Architecture
  • Reliability, Availability, Serviceability Features
  • Connectivity Options
  • Support
  • Advanced Features and Functions
  • Evaluator Group comments

Download the full Product Analysis now!

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