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Dell PowerProtect Data Manager – Product Analysis

Last updated January 16th, 2023 for end of year updates. In-depth 7-page analysis of Dell PowerProtect. Covers highlights, hardware, software, performance and more. Download the full product analysis now! Download the product analysis now!

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager (Data Manager) is a data protection solution that was introduced into the Dell portfolio in July 2019. Data Manager provides key data protection features including backup and self-service restores. It leverages a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based interface (Dell Data Protection Central) for monitoring and reporting.

Data Manager is available as a subscription (stand-alone software and as a component of the Dell Data Protection Suite). It runs on industry-standard hardware and can also be deployed via the Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Marketplaces. In addition to being deployable stand-alone, Data Manager is available in an integrated appliance form factor, the Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance.

Dell PowerProtect Data Manager Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview of System
  • Hardware Description
  • Software Architecture
  • Advanced Software Features and Functions
  • Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
  • Evaluator Group Comments

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