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Dell Apex – Industry Snapshot

Published May 7th, 2021. In this free Industry Snapshot report, we discuss the arrival of Dell Apex and touch on Apex services, the Apex console, custom solutions and provide comments on this announcement. Download the free report now!

Dell APEX Arrives

APEX is Dell’s portfolio of as-a-Service offerings. Under the APEX model, Dell delivers its IT infrastructure that is owned and managed by Dell but operated by users of APEX services. Three services have been announced: Data Storage, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud. It is Dell’sintention to offer its entire infrastructure portfolio via the APEX services delivery model. However, the only service immediately available as of May 2021 is the APEX Data Storage Service. Dell has also announced an APEX Console for use by customers as a portal to APEX services.

APEX Services

APEX currently consists of three standard services offerings:

Data Storage Services – on premises block and file storage with object storage as a future deliverable. For storage, APEX uses a two-tiered consumption model – base capacity (minimum 50TB) plus buffer or “on demand” capacity above the base.

Private Cloud – a tight VMware/Dell EMC integrated offering that includes VMware Cloud Foundation and Tanzu running on Dell EMC VxRail. This is a re-branding of Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP). APEX Private Cloud will also serve as the foundation for industry and workload specific “edge” solutions delivered as-a-Service. Customers pay for APEX Private Cloud monthly based on a combination of system memory and storage consumed. Dell offers first-call support and manages the infrastructure lifecycle experience for the customer.

Hybrid Cloud – essentially the same VMware/Dell EMC platform integration, management and support but with VMware hybrid cloud extensions to public clouds as well as Equinix data centers.

Order by Outcome

APEX is outcomes-based meaning that prospective customers order APEX infrastructure services by specifying their requirements first. This process is followed by Dell’s delivery of infrastructure that meets those requirements. Dell promises delivery within 14 days of order completion. The requirements provided for selection by customers includes…

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