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Lab Insight: Datrium DVX Open Converged Architecture

Published April 17th, 2018. In this Lab Insight report, Russ Fellows, Sr. Analyst, discusses the benchmark testing and results of Datrium's DVX system and explores considerations for evaluating converged and hyperconverged systems. Download the free report now!

IT organizations are continually striving to reduce complexity, while increasing their ability to respond quickly to application needs. One of the trends that has emerged is the move towards using converged and hyperconverged systems which helps reduce the integration and management overhead of traditional IT infrastructures. These trends are part of the drive towards reducing complexity and enabling faster time to revenue for the business.

Converged architectures began as pre-integrated best of breed components, a trend which continued with hyperconverged which includes utilizing servers and software defined storage to further consolidate hardware while increasing simplicity. Hyperconverged is focused on simplicity, via further integration and collapsing storage functions to reside wholly within compute nodes.

However, IT organizations have faced challenges with both approaches for different reasons. While hyperconverged architectures are easily deployed, companies have been reluctant to use these systems for business-critical applications, due to the need for high reliability and performance. In contrast, converged systems offer greater scale and flexibility, but do not offer the simplicity or ease of management promised by hyperconverged architectures.

Evaluator Group is an analyst firm focusing on Enterprise IT needs, conducting hands-on validations in our in-house lab as well as in-depth research into emerging trends and technologies. Working with Evaluator Group, Datrium conducted a large-scale benchmark of their DVX system to validate the performance capabilities of their system. The benchmark, released in October 2017, shows a scale-out cluster of Datrium systems able to support a world record number of VMs, with results available on the website.

Additionally, Evaluator Group conducts research utilizing interviews from IT users and has recently published a report on how enterprises are utilizing hyperconverged systems, along with IT users’ concerns and decision criteria for choosing these products. As shown on the following page in Figure 1, respondents indicated that performance was their top concern, followed by the system’s cost, with scalability the third most important issue.

This paper explores several issues:

  • Requirements for converged and hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI)
  • Architectural aspects of Datrium DVX that provide large scale performance and resilience
  • Considerations for evaluating converged and hyperconverged systems

Download the Lab Insight report now!

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