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Datera Data Services Platform – Product Analysis

Last updated January 5th, 2021 for end of year updates. Comprehensive 14-page analysis of Datera Data Services Platform. Covers hardware/software architecture, advanced features, performance, and commentary.

Datera Data Services Platform is a software-defined storage solution that is deployed on standard hardware. Its scale-out architecture combines internal storage from multiple server nodes into a common pool of capacity, accessed via block or object storage protocols.

Software-defined storage (SDS) was originally developed as a more flexible and scalable alternative to traditional storage arrays. While this concept was not fully embraced by the enterprise IT market, it did find a home in the hyper-scale environments of large cloud and social media companies. SDS also became the scale-out storage technology used by hyperconverged infrastructure products. As data sets and storage requirements of enterprises have grown, enterprise IT has turned to SDS solutions, like Datera, to provide a cost-effective, storage-only solution that can deliver enterprise-level performance and reliability.

Datera Data Services Platform Product Analysis Includes:

  • Highlights
  • Overview of System
  • Hardware Requirements
  • Software Architecture
  • Management
  • Data Services
  • Other Features
  • Evaluator Group Comments

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