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DataDirect Networks Web Object Scaler (WOS) – Product Brief

Last updated December 4th, 2019 for end of year updates. Concise and unbiased 7-page overview of the features and functionality of Data Direct Networks Web Object Scaler (WOS).

Web Object Scaler or WOS is a distributed system with objects managed on nodes that are servers running the custom software with attached disk storage. The nodes can be geographically dispersed but present a common pool for object storage. A custom API over HTTP/REST is supported along with WebDAV, Swift, and S3. A file interface for NFS and CIFS/SMB is supported as well with a WOS file system gateway. WOS is delivered as a complete hardware and software system or WOS software for integration with other hardware.
As the name implies, WOS was designed for the high capacity, large number of data elements required for web or cloud environments. Scaling to petabytes of unstructured data with geographic dispersion is the typical usage for WOS. Nodes are self-contained systems with CPU, memory, and storage. Configured in a federation with Ethernet interfaces, nodes can have different capabilities and performance. Each node is active in the configuration and objects are dispersed in the global namespace according to algorithms in the WOS policy engine to provide availability and durability.
Distributed performance is enabled by a feature called the WOS-Library that runs on application servers accessing the WOS cloud as a client. The WOS-Library uses a callback style API to WOS and maintains a map of the topology. WOS-Library also makes routing decisions about where to store data as part of load balancing. Object ID lookup in the topology map is fast because the map is kept in memory.

Data Direct Networks Web Object Scaler (WOS) Product Brief includes:

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage
  • Eval(u)Scale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

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