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D2IQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP)- Product Brief

Published April 8, 2022. Concise 9-page overview of D2IQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). Includes overview, highlights, EvaluScale review and more. Download the full Product Brief now!

D2IQ offers a multi-product solution suite under its DKP (D2IQ Kubernetes Platform) brand. These solutions are container management platforms, with software and support delivered by D2IQ in a more traditional model, with the software to be managed by the customer. D2IQ does not offer a container managed service. The offerings enable a customer to manage Kubernetes-orchestrated containers with added support for scaling out, as well as fast time to use configurations for AI/ML and Big Data use cases. The solutions are cloud-agnostic, allowing enterprises to leverage containers across hybrid and multi-cloud environments while providing developers a common development experience across cloud platforms.

D2IQ builds and delivers a solution which is tightly aligned to upstream open-source, to allow customers full portability across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Unlike other CMP vendors, D2IQ delivers its solutions for customer self-management only; there is no hosted or “managed” solution. But the company includes what it calls “white glove” professional services, training, and end-to-end support for the entire platform of Kubernetes and its support services, including a broader than typical ecosystem of open-source software from which customers can make selections (e.g., for continuous deployment, they support Helm, Jenkins, and flux).

As the originator of KUDO (the Kubernetes Universal Declarative Operator), a toolkit for rapidly writing Kubernetes Operators, D2IQ also provides services to help customers wanting to more quickly bring up and automate their Kubernetes cluster environments using this automation technology.

D2IQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) Product Brief Includes: 

  • Overview
  • Highlights
  • Usage and Deployment
  • EvaluScale Product Review Methodology
  • Evaluator Group Opinion

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