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CTERA Edge Media Filer – Industry Snapshot

Published September 10th, 2019. In this free Industry Snapshot report, Krista Macomber, Sr. Analyst, discusses the new CTERA Edge Media Filer. Read and download this free report now!

Solving a Critical Problem in Media and Advertising

The State of Media and Advertising File Storage

Media and advertising companies face newfound requirements in editing and managing content as higher-definition media emerges. This result is demand for high-performance network-attached storage (NAS), scalable capacity, and real-time collaboration across a growing number of remote and satellite offices.

The growing prevalence of rich media such as high-resolution 8K videos is driving an exponential increase to file sizes, as well as the level of performance at which these files must be processed. Content must also be protected from ransomware and other growing threats, as well as be compliant with data sovereignty and other privacy regulations like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), across the edge and multi-cloud infrastructures where they reside. Faster recovery and a more continuous stream of available backups to recover from are needed. What’s more, media and advertising companies are no longer confined to a single, central office. They employ remote workers and a growing number of branch offices, leading to a need for centralized data management services.

Traditional enterprise NAS systems provide fast-performing, local storage capacity. However, they were not designed to integrate with centralized data management for multi-site collaboration, or to offer infinite capacity scaling – both of which are required by media and advertising companies to address industry trends. Modern media and advertising companies can benefit from an integrated storage solution that blends the fast performance of on-premises infrastructure with the elastic capacity of the cloud, and that provides data access from edge to cloud environments. Integrating centralized management capabilities is necessary because capable IT staff are typically not available on-premises at all locations.

Introducing CTERA’s Edge Media Filer Solution

For its part, file data services software vendor CTERA has launched a solution specifically designed to meet the performance, capacity and collaboration requirements of media and advertising companies. CTERA’s new Edge Media Filer solution connects an on-premises, high-performance NAS device to on-premises or public cloud-based object stores – as a result marrying fast, local performance with elastic storage capacity for long-term data retention and archive. Also, the solution integrates centralized and enterprise-grade CTERA data management capabilities.

The new solution utilizes CTERA Edge Media Filer devices, which provide 128 terabytes (TB) of usable capacity. The CTERA Edge Media Filer serves as an on-premises cache at edge data centers, providing the ability to tier between solid-state drivers (SSDs) and nearline SDS (NL-SAS) drives to cost-effectively handle high-performance requirements. Edge Media Filer devices connect via 2×10 Gb Ethernet networking with CIFS/SMB or NFS protocol to Apple, Linux and Windows endpoints, delivering 15 Gigabits per second (Gbps) of performance.

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