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Creating a Content Repository: Economic Considerations for Long-Term Data Retention

Published June 2015. White paper written for Quantum using economic considerations for long-term data retention using a content repository. Download the full report now!

Creating a Content Repository: Economic Considerations for Long-Term Data Retention

The amount of information created continues to increase and the data must be handled as a valuable asset. Data is being stored for longer periods of time because it may become more valuable with further analysis or because operation rules dictate that it be retained. The combination of increasing capacity demands and lengthening retention periods is a major challenge for information technology organizations to store data and provide the management and protection required in the most efficient manner possible.

An optimal approach in determining the most effective means for storing, managing, and protecting data uses economic analysis that accounts for the variety of factors that contribute to overall cost. Economic analysis aids in developing a technology strategy that will meet requirements and stay within defined budget parameters for capital and operational expenses. The analysis must cover a timescale driven by the lifespan of the data rather than physical devices in order to provide an understanding of the full economic effect of a technology strategy.

IT professionals use different technologies to address different problems in storing, managing, and protecting data. Developing a new strategy based on economic analysis brings a clear understanding of the value of introducing new solutions and operational processes. Storing information in content repositories -­‐ integrated with management and protection practices while retaining the access properties for data -­‐  provides an economical means to address these demands.

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